The best crew I have flown with


Today is the eve of the lunar Chinese New Year (27th January 2017), and it is time to recall the things that happened over the course of the last 365 days. Despite the tragedy, the faces of the crew members and the helping and concerned passengers warms my heart till today.

I sent the below email to Xiamen International Airline email contact today (27th January 2017).

= = = = = = =


Today at 10:30


I am a passenger on MF855 from Tianjin to Singapore on 9th December 2016 with stop-over at Xiamen International airport.

After the flight took off from Xiamen International airport and shortly after dinner was served on board which is about 7pm, a passenger near the emergency row had problem and needed medical attention which the crew quickly responded and took turns giving CPR. Announcements were made to all passengers to seek for medical expertise but no one is clearly available.

The crew gave CPR non-stop until the airplane touched down around 11pm and the medical doctor from Singapore Changi Airport is on board. While the passenger not gaining consiousness and passed away, the effort of the well trained and responsive crew members are all to be commended. Besides family members of the passenger-in-distress, two other passengers also rendered help and the crew members expressed their gratitude to them.

I am proud to have seem the great professionalism, dedication, and warmth of the crew of Xiamen International airline MF855 that night.

Please forward this letter to the crew with my gratitude.

I apologise for taking so long to write this note.

With best regards,


= = = = = = = =

Just to add, all the passengers on board co-operated to wait patiently and quietly, as the crew had announced to let the doctor from the airport to get on board quickly to assist the passenger-in-distress. We disembark the plane at around 11:45pm.

The best crew I have flown with

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