See a Singapore Data Center without actual visiting one or two or three…

Ok, what I was trying to say with the title is a video or virtual walk-through.

A good friend from the China data center industry visited Singapore last month and only has two days and I did managed to arrange a couple of visits for him to look at data center facilities here to help him make a business decision.

While a video or virtual walk-through will only give a general initial impression of the data center facility. It is a good marketing tool especially to gather attention and build up interest.

Surprisingly, I managed to find videos and/or virtual walk-through of most data center facility in Singapore from Youtube. I have nothing to do with any of the video nor verify or support any claim made within the video (I cringed when one of the video says Tier 3+), so you can find the videos on Youtube/Vimeo as below (arranged alphabetically):

  1. Digital Realty Loyang
  2. Equinix SG2, and SG3
  3. IO Singapore (1 minutes from the start of video shows the walk-through of the actual IO data center) and this
  4. Kingsland
  5. NTT Serangoon NEXCenter
  6. Singtel DC West
  7. Tata Tai Seng*
  8. Telin 3 in Jurong

Given so many data centers had done it, and you can find many other US and European data center walk-through videos online, I think it is safe to say that it is more a norm to put such videos online as an avenue to let potential client find out if you are in the data center market space. Another way is to list on datacentermap website such as

My view about such videos and virtual walk-through are they serve a purpose of giving you a sense of the data center but nothing beats an actual person giving you a guided tour and answering your queries. Get an in-house data center expert or third party consultant to accompany you on the tour if you are looking for data center co-location for your business IT needs.

On a general video about data centers, my own favourite data center video is not a google or facebook data center video because these data centers are built to suit just those IT companies. So this is one that is my current favourite

The one grouse I have with my favorite video though is that (at 1m45s part of the video) one of the rack is shown with castors. I like this video for it being a retrofit that is done well with reasonable use of space, it has both traditional data center space and an IT hall with hot air chimney (the rear door is a full glass door, i.e. not perforated rack doors).

*Note: STTelemedia and Tata announced that STTelemedia will buy 74% of Tata Data Centers. There is no news that the deal has been finalized so currently it is still known as Tata Tai Seng Data Center.

See a Singapore Data Center without actual visiting one or two or three…

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