Getting fit (again)

Today is 2nd of August 2016. At end of 2015, I weighed about 86kg, and by 26th June 2016 my weight is 91.5kg. Not only was I heavy, I am out of shape with spare tires around my waist and a double chin.

IMG_3860This is a photo of me in May 2016.

I felt lethargic in the afternoon, and my blood pressure was 140/90 which is borderline bad.

So I decided no more, I need to get back into shape. On 27th June 2016, I started to exercise and cut down on heavy dinners.

Week by week I see progress, and my weight came done. I exercise nearly daily, doing fast walks almost six days a week, and get off my feet more than before. I weened off fried food, reduced my dinner intake (I used to have more than one serving of rice, like 1/4 more) to limit my rice to less than one serving, or to be about 80% full. I eat more vegetables which fills the stomach and drink less sugary stuff. The results is more than 4kg reduction in weight.

I’ve signed up for the Singapore half marathon which will take place on 4th December 2016, and using that event is how I hope to cap my getting back in shape programme culminates into a slimmer and healthier me.

Getting fit (again)

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