The greatest steal of them all, and why we should do it too

A man came to a high tech conference and exhibition show and said to the security manager, I am going to steal the best things from this place. The manager was appalled but he couldn’t act on his feelings given that the guy has not done it yet. So he puts a detail that follow the guy. The man was at the conference and exhibition the entire day, talking to people, taking the freely offered brochures, getting name cards that people handed to him. When the security manager stopped this guy at the exit of the conference and exhibition hall, he asked him directly that he managed to stop him from stealing his prize, and the man said, “I have accomplished more than I expected!”, he followed on to say, “Don’t worry sir, I am here for the knowledge and industry updates, so your job is safe.”

This story has been told multiple times by others, I am just rehashing it to tell you the same.

In our data center industry, we do have conferences and granted that many of the technologies involved do not change on a day by day basis, but there is always something interesting going on in someone’s data center or somebody’s laboratory. I especially love conferences that brings the IT directors, CIOs, data center operators, product vendors, consultants, the more the mix the better the interactions and things we can learn from each other.

Furthermore, some data center practitioner may share a problem that have plagued your data center site or give you new ideas to try out. Last but not least, we hardly connect beyond our group of suppliers and definitely seldom with other data center operations people. Get out there and network, you need to face more than equipment and display screens. If you don’t try, then you lose the opportunity to something new.

Go ahead, register for a conference, get out of your comfort zone, and exchange ideas.

The greatest steal of them all, and why we should do it too

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